Sean Growney 
President 2018 - 2019 

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Greetings from Asbury Park Rotary

Welcome to our Club! Where Service and Fellowship Flourish!

Asbury Park

We meet Wednesdays at 12:15 PM
The Renaissance
1110 Valley Rd & Hwy 35 S
(Just North of Wegman's)
Ocean, NJ  07712-3977
United States of America

(732) 292-1955
(732) 292-1992
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Asbury Park Rotary Celebrates 100 Years!
On Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 6:30pm,
the Asbury Park Rotary is hosting its Centennial Celebration
at Deal Golf & Country Club, Deal, NJ. 
This event is a celebration of 100 years of service to Asbury Park and Monmouth County communities.  
This celebration will include dinner, dancing, gift auction and LIVE Entertainment by the Moroccan Sheepherders! 
The Centennial Celebration is our largest fundraising event of the year.  We hope you will support the Rotary through sponsorship, attendance, a purchase of an advertisement in the Centennial Book. As a sponsor, your business will be recognized at the event.
Proceeds of this event will benefit the Rotary Foundation of Asbury Park and these programs. 

Scholarship Program 

Each spring we invite local high school students from surrounding areas to participate in the scholarship program. This program is a vocational service activity of our club that assists and encourages high school seniors of Asbury Park, Neptune, Ocean Township and Academy Charter High Schools to pursue a post-secondary education with an emphasis on service to the community. Each year, we award scholarships to students of the four high schools. 

Asbury Park Rotary Foundation Veterans Program 

Throughout the year the Asbury ParkRotary Foundation sponsors and supports several events honoring the hundreds of veterans in our community. Events include: Bus Trip to Washington, Veterans Day Luncheon, and Memorial Garden in Asbury Park.
Stories of Asbury Park Rotary in Action
Dawn Doherty, Executive director  of the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide and Samantha Parker, Director of Development spoke to us about the group's role in helping  to identify teens who are “at risk”  of  hurting themselves.  The group was formed in 2005  and offers two hours of training to teachers who are in a  good position to recognize the signs leading to  these acts.  It has also trained 350,000 teachers online and its free to all Lifelines curriculum has been published. There is also a 3-day program for training school staff.
The group seeks a stigma-free approach to mental health for teens and tries to help with transition between middle and high school.  It emphasizes that reaching out is  fine and  that young people should find a trusted adult when they are in need and it is okay not to be okay. The agency works with educators, parents and students to identify those who may be tempted to harm themselves with a set of facts to see the warning signs.  They work directly with teens, some who have substance abuse problems, and also partner with Monmouth and Ocean County youth agencies to teach coping skills to help kids be safe.  
The trusted adult that teens seek out should be nonjudgemental and not apply shame to the teen, only asking “What's going on with you.? “  That person would be able to give the teen some ideas where they can get help and lighten the burden , relieving some of the young person's worries.  Knowing the warning signs may help to lower the teen suicide rate, the second greatest cause of death for teens today.

Robert Weiner, SCORE

SCORE: formerly Service Core of (not necessarily) Retired Executives – there are many wonderful opportunities to volunteer once you decide that you’re finished with your 9-5 job, but not all of these can make good use of your particular expertise. Robert Weiner found SCORE to be a good fit following his successful retail and manufacturing businesses. After selling his closet design business, he and a partner created a ladies’ shoe drawer, so he actually has experience in launching and building two successful businesses. However, he wasn’t ready to retire from ”work”, just from actually running the business. He found SCORE to be his answer. With 300 chapters in the USA and 10,000 volunteers he discovered an organization that makes excellent use of his skill set. SCORE volunteers offer advise to both start-up businesses as well as those who find themselves struggling. They also host seminars on topics such as taxes, bookkeeping, HR, PR, and other related matters. There is a network of referrals and expertise available that include lawyers, technology, retail, and accounting, to name a few. An example of how it works is that Robert would be asked to meet with someone who has a business idea or thinks they are ready to launch a business. He offers advise, poses questions they may not have thought of, and basically helps them prepare for a successful venture. He does feel, however, that the best advise he’s given has been NOT to start their business! Without a solid business plan and financial backing, many start-ups are doomed to fail. Want to see an example of a successful business that was guided by volunteers working with SCORE? Go to the The Curvy Bride website (; it’s worth the visit. Want to know more about SCORE and volunteer opportunities (you need not be retired, by-the-way), go to

In celebration of our 100 years of Service to the Community, this year our Club is leading the Asbury Park St Patrick's Day Parade as the Grand Marshall.  We could not have a better representative of the spirit of Rotary than Mike Fornino, and that is why we are honored to have him wear the Grand Marshall sash and lead us in the parade. The Parade Committee unveiled the Banner behind which we will proudly march! 
Ken Bruton from National Write your Congressman (NWYC) joined us on a snowy Wednesday and presented the work of his organization. He was quick to point out that while there are 47,000 lobbyist in DC, all representing their point of view, his organization is the only one of its kind. NWYC presents its members with both sides of an issue, without prejudice to either side, allowing the member to understand the issue in more depth and thus make an informed decision on where they stand. Members are encouraged to share their opinion with their representatives at either the State level or with those in DC. Forty percent of Americans are registered to vote, but only a mere 2% have ever written to their legislator! NWYC is the largest “we the people” organization in the USA. They are not left nor right, Democrats nor Republicans, but simply encourage their membership to respond appropriately to the issues that they care about. And this makes a difference! An example he cites is the research that they did on the appalling state of our care for our Veterans. Through their efforts, benefits have gone up, and health care is now available outside the VA network. As a member of their organization, you not only vote, but you give your opinion and your voice is heard. It doesn’t really take a lot to make a noise, but it must be vocal. Their membership is fee-based, and they currently have more than 1m members. But it’s not the number of people, it’s how active they are. For more information, see their website, or contact Ken at, 732.672.9746 and he’d be delighted to visit with you.
Mary Beth Bull
Mar 27, 2019
Big Brother Big Sisters of Monmouth and Middlesex Counties
Apr 03, 2019
Don Brockel
Apr 17, 2019
Deal Lake Commission
Tom Kilgannon
May 01, 2019
Freeedom Alliance - Works to support wounded services members, combat veterans and miliatry families
Mike Ferraro
May 08, 2019
Bridging the Gap - Helping military vetrans enter the workplace.
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